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Free domain name in the Vietnamese language from April 28, 2011

Posted on: FRIday, 29-04-2011

Since April 28, 2011 Vietnam Internet Centre has delivered free domain name in accented Vietnamese to organizations and individuals wishing to have it according to the rule “The first registration, the first use.”

Advantages you will get after registering a domain name in the Vietnamese language:

1.      Free registration and domain name maintenance

2.      Registered domain name is protected in law.

3.      Able to redirect any website according your requirements ( not compulsory to have a traditional domain name .VN as the previous period)

4.      Domain names are supported according to international standards by all popular browsers such as IE, Firefox, and Nestcape…

5.      Quick online registration procedures.

6.      Protect your own brand exactly in the Vietnamese language on Internet.

Besides the traditional domain names registered, wish you to be interested in monitoring and registering domain names in the Vietnamese language in this period. Details and registration procedures at http://tênmiềntiếngviệt.vnor

Vietnamese domain names in particular and domain names of the native countries in general alike belong to the system of multilingual domain names (IDN)accredited worldwideand the development trend of Internet content in the world.

Vietnamese domain names located in the system of national domain name in Vietnam “.vn”, in which the characters making domain names are specified in the Vietnamese encoding and the extended enclosing as standard TCVN 6909:2001. The registration and using Vietnamese domain name adds more choices instead of traditional website address which only accept the common Latin characters.

The registration and using Vietnamese domain name create a Vietnamese environment on Internet like;; … which has important significance for technology integration and Internet applications between Vietnam and the world.


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